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Passive Income Real Estate Education

Real Estate Cowboys are a passive income real estate education and consultancy resource for investors, enthusiasts, seasoned veterans, and newbies. Too many investors think, “I should’a been a cowboy,” after dipping their hat into the market alone. Our Cowboys add new education and consultancy material in many different mediums every week through our podcast, blogs, videos, quizzes, and seminars. Don’t go it alone! Subscribe to our content to #BeACowboy.

John Larson of Real Estate Cowboys (REC) and American Real Estate Investments (AREI) talks passive income real estate investing every week on the podcast as well as consultancy services. John Larson is the Managing Partner at AREI and has a passion for diving into the “Why” of real estate for each individual. When people find proper education and find their “why,” then the real estate strategy becomes clear, comfortable, and secure.

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Check out our Listen On Demand page for subscriptions links for iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. New episodes are released each week on Sunday at 8 a.m.

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We post weekly content on a variety of topics including single-family rentals, private money lending, vacation rental property, self-directed IRAs, and more.

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Our real estate education videos range from pointers about single-family rental properties to how to self-direct your 401k for tax benefits. Also, find each podcast episode in video format for an alternative educational medium.

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What type of investor are you? You might think you know, but the results may surprise you! Take our quiz to see what your tendencies are and where you trend on the investor spectrum.

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We provide webinars, live and pre-recorded, as well as events for passive income real estate investing across the nation.

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Through the Real Estate Cowboys, John is available to provide consultative services for real estate investors of any experience. Contact John directly to start a conversation about how John can help with your real estate journey.


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