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About Real Estate Cowboys Holdings

Real Estate Cowboys Holdings (RECH) is a passive income real estate investing group, educating and helping others create generational wealth. Our investors earn passive income each month through over $30MM in raises and over $20MM in managed assets, and that was just last year!

Earning passive income through investing in real estate is one of the most secure methods for producing deeper pockets. We focus on a few simple questions when talking to investors to gain insight into their goals and how we can help achieve those goals. We focus on the most passive areas within the real estate market so that we can prioritize our efforts for our investors. We encourage our investors to honestly compare their paper yield to their actual yield. Does it look as promised?

RECH focuses on hard money lending for accredited investors, or as we like to say, private money lending. Historically, we also help investors generate passive income through single-family rental properties, vacation rental properties, and other hard assets. Another core value is our commitment to real estate education for newbies or seasoned veterans.

Real Estate Cowboys Holdings and our Investment Coordinators help our accredited investors to achieve their passive income goals for a generational “return on life.” We don’t “do it all” or present ourselves as a one-stop-shop.

We serve our investors before selling them.

Our new podcast episodes release Sunday’s at 8 a.m. and are available on our embedded player or by subscription on our Listen page. We also publish real estate articles from time to time for continuing education and news.

John Larson

Partner – Management

John Larson, Real Estate Cowboys

John Larson, Partner at Real Estate Cowboys Holdings, developed the brand name with marketing to promote his podcast education and published articles (Real Estate Cowboys Podcast). John began in real estate as a teenager with his family in Michigan and has worked for several large investment firms with a past focus on single-family rentals, private international vacation rental properties, multi-family, and commercial.

In addition to the weekly podcast, John has appeared as a guest for The Real Estate Guys, Joe Fairless, and Get Rich Education with Keith Weinhold. John is a seasoned contributor to Forbes and the author of The Passive Income Guide.

Taylor Glasgow

Partner – Sales & Investor Relations

Taylor Glasgow, Partner at Real Estate Cowboys Holdings, works with and manages the Investment Coordinator team as well as aides in investor relations. Taylor and his team are directly responsible for securing over $30MM in funds in a little over a year from investors who are now earning passive income on their principal.

Taylor comes from a strong background in accredited investor relations having previously seen success in the oil and gas industry, helping a start-up investment firm grow substantially. Taylor has appeared on the Real Estate Cowboys Podcast (listen to the episode here), helping answer some of the most common questions investors have during his conversations and investment discussions.

If you have questions about your investment, passive income within real estate, or guidance for new investment opportunities, you can schedule with Taylor at your convenience.

Jeffrey Powell

Partner – Marketing & Operations

Jeffrey Powell, Partner at Real Estate Cowboys Holdings, manages the brand, messaging, marketing, and backend operations. The most recent focus includes educational content, investor updates, podcast production, and process management.

Jeff’s marketing skill-set covers a wide cross-section including web design and development, podcast production, graphic design and video production, search optimization, email and content marketing, social media, local search, paid media, and analytics. Jeff has led award-winning teams in website design and development as well as content and social media campaigns.

During his digital agency years, Jeff was a leader of one of the fastest-growing interactive digital agencies in the U.S. as awarded by Inc 500 (2012, 2013, 2014) magazine.

Michael Roberto

VP of Sales, Investment Coordinator

Michael Roberto, Vice President of Sales at Real Estate Cowboys Holdings, creates lasting relationships with investors, allowing them to successfully answer the question, “What is your return on life?” Michael has a lucrative background in steering investors towards opportunities in real estate that help them meet their goals.

Michael is the front door for investors and assesses each person’s individual goals, wants, needs, and pain points to navigate them to the ideal opportunity within the company that can achieve their goals quickly. As part of the team, Michael has helped raise over $30MM in funds that investors are earning passive income from in a little over a year.

Schedule a call with Michael to walk through your goals and let Real Estate Cowboys Holdings create a new “return on life.”