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About the Real Estate Cowboys

The Real Estate Cowboys (REC) are a group of passive income real estate investing experts educating others on creating generational wealth. New podcast episodes release every Sunday at 8 a.m. and are available on our embedded player or by subscription on our Listen page.

John Larson

John Larson, Real Estate CowboysJohn Larson is the creator of the Real Estate Cowboys and Managing Partner at American Real Estate Investments (AREI), one of the nation’s largest passive income real estate investment providers. At AREI, John assists investors by building real estate portfolios in some of the best markets in the U.S. Also, AREI develops land for residential and commercial use as well as creating luxury vacation rental homes internationally.

In addition to the weekly podcast, he is a Contributing Writer at Forbes and a steady podcast guest for The Real Estate Guys, Joe Fairless, and Get Rich Education with Keith Weinhold.