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All the Reasons Why You Should Invest in DFW

DFW remains a smart place for real estate investors to put their money. While the stock market is reactive, Main Street in Texas is proactively making DFW more and more attractive to industries, corporations, small businesses owners and individuals. People and companies are flocking to North Texas in droves and it’s not just for the sunny weather. There are tons of reasons why Texas is welcoming, and here are all the reasons why you should invest in DFW.

The Economy in DFW is Booming

There has been a recent influx of new investors which has led to the diversification of the economy in DFW. There are many Fortune 500 companies that have made their headquarters in this area, with plenty more looking to invest. Even though this area is traditionally known as an oil bastion, there has been a growth in numerous other industries as well. Some of the examples include communications, education, and technology. With so many industries growing rapidly, and innovation reaching new heights in the greater Dallas area, this has led to a rapid influx of new jobs, leading to a quickening pace of economic growth. This provides an outstanding opportunity for investors.

Rapid Population Growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

With the rapid influx of new jobs into the Dallas area, it should come as no surprise that the population of the Dallas area is growing as well. Historically, the city had its roots in farming; however, with the discovery of oil, the population of the city exploded. In the mind of many, this population growth has never stopped. With so many new industries coming to the Dallas area, new jobs are coming with them. This means new individuals and families as well. Denton and Collin counties are witnessing an unprecedented growth in the construction industries thanks to new homes and apartments, a sign of a growing population. Statistics even show that the Dallas-Fort Worth area is growing faster than any other location in the entire United States. As a result, investments are primed to provide a solid return on investment.

Dallas Has a Lot of Land

Of course, if construction companies are going to put up new apartments and homes, there needs to be land to do so. Fortunately, the area in and around Dallas has plenty of room. There is an abundance of land in the Dallas area. Texas is the second-largest state in the country and construction companies are cashing in on contracts to build on both public and private lands. For this reason, many people are looking to purchase land in Dallas. The return on this investment has the potential to be of historic proportions. 

Dallas has a Low Cost of Living

Next, people are open to taking jobs in Dallas because there is a relatively low cost of living. There is a tremendous amount of financial stability in the Dallas area thanks to the low cost of living and a comparably high average salary. This means that residents in the Dallas area may start to borrow at increased rates because there is a higher chance of loan repayment. This is reflected in the high rate of mortgages registered to the residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, thanks to outstanding credit scores. Finally, the low cost of living means that residents of the Dallas area even have the potential to purchase property with cash. The low cost of living in Dallas is powering numerous sectors of the economy, leading to unprecedented growth. This has led many people to consider investing in the Dallas area.

New Jobs are Coming to the Dallas Area

With the influx of companies and the rapid pace of economic growth in Dallas, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of new jobs as well. The city of Dallas has ranked highly when it comes to job growth. Recent reports have shown that the Dallas area ranks first in job growth rate in the United States, with the second-highest number of jobs added this year. This job growth has powered the housing market as well. With so many new job opportunities, the growth of this city is only going to continue. For this reason, many people are looking to invest in the Dallas real estate market.

Low Crime Rates in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Even though there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the Dallas area, the crime rates have remained low. While every city has some incidence of minor crimes, Dallas is an incredibly safe area. When the city is safe, individuals and families look to move to that area. That is exactly what has happened in the case of Dallas. People are looking to move to this area both to rent and to buy. Like any metropolitan city, there are some areas that people should stay away from; however, with numerous safe areas such as Cockrell Hill, FrisCampbellger, Capbell Green, North Dallas, University Park, and more, there are tons of people who are looking to take advantage of the safety of the Dallas area. This makes this region an outstanding investment.

The Forecast of the Housing Market in the Dallas Fort-Worth Area 2019

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why so many people are looking to invest in the Dallas Fort-Worth area is the forecast of the housing market. Land value in Dallas continues to appreciate, as do the buildings that are built on top of this land. The sales numbers show that the housing prices are going to continue to rise. One of the reasons why these prices are going up is the young professionals are continuing to move here to start their lives. The demand for rental units in this area is only going to continue to increase, so this is a great time to invest in the Dallas housing market.

There’s never been a better time to be a Real Estate Cowboy. Better the landlord-friendly laws, the booming economy and the enormous real estate potential, investing in North Texas has never made so much sense. Whether you’re interested in turnkey rentals, commercial real estate property or private money lending, there’s something for you to consider at our company. If you’d like more information about the opportunities we have available for both accredited investors and standard investors, please don’t hesitate to contact us.