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Is It Ethical To Invest In The Cannabinoid Market?

The passing of the Farm Bill of 2018 has been a game changer for the cannabinoid market. According to, the cannabinoid pharmaceuticals market is expected to swell to $50 billion by 2029, up from $2 billion in 2019. Only a few times in history has there been an opportunity of this magnitude to get in on a brand new market.

As a conscientious investor, you may be asking yourself some profound questions about the ethics of investing in a market that seems to be related to a drug that has long been vilified, marijuana. The war on marijuana has been raging for decades. In 2017 alone, almost 660,000 persons were arrested on marijuana-related charges in the U.S.

Recently, there has been a changing tide with the way marijuana is perceived. As marijuana’s medical use has become more widely accepted by the medical community and the public at large, a growing number of states have passed legislation to legalize marijuana. Currently, ten states have passed such laws.

Confusion About the Cannabinoid Market

As a result of the increasing decriminalization of marijuana and the simultaneous legislation of the Farm Bill of 2018, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the cannabinoid market. Specifically, cannabinoid is frequently confused with cannabis. Cannabis is what people call “weed” or “pot.” Cannabis is the marijuana plant; the one that some people smoke to get high. The compound in the cannabis plant that causes the “high” sensation is THC.

Cannabidiol, commonly called CBD, is a derivative of the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant. It’s a naturally-occurring compound that does not get people high. Cannabidiol contains little or none of THC.

Hemp and marijuana are two completely separate plants. What they have in common is that they both belong to the species of Cannabis sativa. Hemp is a genus of Cannabis sativa and marijuana is a genus of Cannabis sativa. Cannabidiol, found in hemp, is a naturally-occurring compound that does not get people high.

It’s important to know that when you invest in the cannabinoid market, you’re not investing in marijuana. You’re investing in CBD, which has nothing to do with any kind of illicit drug or anything that is harmful. In fact, CBD offers many health benefits.

Health Benefits of CBD

The health benefits of CBD are just now becoming widely known. As the medical community recognizes and embraces the efficacy of CBD, more benefits are being discovered. Already, organizations such as Project CBD have identified 50 or so issues and symptoms that CBD may help with, including:

  • cancer
  • sleep
  • anxiety
  • pain
  • inflammation
  • depression
  • Crohn’s disease
  • weight loss

While many of these claims still need to be clinically proven, the anecdotal evidence is mounting exponentially in community forums and discussions around the world. Every day, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of CBD. This alone demonstrates that it’s ethical to invest in the cannabinoid market because it seems to be helping people.

How to Invest in the CBD Cannabinoid Market

The cannabinoid market is new. Only since the Farm Bill of 2018 passed has the average person been able to invest in the cannabinoid market, because it simply didn’t exist on a consumer scale before then. As such, it’s still hard to get solid information about the cannabinoid market (hence the confusion between cannabinoids and marijuana).

If you’re looking to invest in the cannabinoid market, there are a few options. One is to invest through the stock market. Lots of publicly traded companies are popping up that work in the CBD industry. Unfortunately, when you invest in the stock market, you are vulnerable to the inherent volatility of that market. Essentially, you’re taking a small risk—investing in the CBD industry—and increasing that risk by investing in an inherently riskier stock market exchange. There’s another way.

Private Money Lending in the CBD Cannabinoid Market

Private money lending is a way to invest in the CBD cannabinoid market without making yourself vulnerable to the inherent volatility of the stock market.

At American Real Estate Investments, we currently offer an opportunity to invest in the CBD cannabinoid market through an exciting new private money lending project. For more information about this raise, please visit and fill out your contact information. A member of our team will reach out to you with more information about this opportunity that offers a 12% fixed rate of return.

Investing in the CBD Cannabinoid Market With Real Estate

So many new companies are getting into the CBD cannabinoid market that it might be wise to take a look at commercial real estate. Producers need farmland to grow the hemp from which CBD products are derived. Manufacturers need space to make the CBD derivatives. Businesses need commercial space to sell CBD products. There’s a great and growing opportunity to get in on the CBD cannabinoid market through commercial real estate. If you’d like to pursue an investment in the CBD cannabinoid market and need help finding economically viable commercial properties to buy in the DFW area, please contact us.

Once you understand the differences between cannabis and the cannabinoid market, it’s clear that there is very little to worry about regarding ethical considerations. In a nutshell, CBD offers a wide variety of potential benefits. Not only that, but this is a unique opportunity to get in early on a fast-growing new market.