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Revealed: The Fastest Ways to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can be approached from several different angles. One of the most common ways that people plan on investing in real estate is to save up enough money for a down payment, then spend time and money searching for suitable investment. If you aren’t lucky enough to be in a good real estate market for investors, it will take you even longer to do your due diligence and find a property that has good potential. Then you have to spend the time and money rehabbing the property, taking time off your regular job to do so. If you’re lucky and don’t run into the unexpected (which almost always happens), you may be able to start seeing some kind of real estate income after a year or more.

This is the slow way to get into real estate investing, and it’s hard to get excited about it. People are more likely to be passionate about something that will pay off in the short term. There’s another approach to real estate investing where you don’t have to wait so long or work so hard to get in. If time is not on your side, or you simply don’t have the patience to wait, here’s a rundown on the fastest ways to get started in real estate investing.

Private Money Lending

With as little as about $50,000, you could invest in real estate development through private lending. With this method, you act as the bank by lending money to a real estate developer. When you do this through AREI, your money is secured by having a first lien position. If the developer defaults on the loan for some reason, you and the other investors can move in and foreclose on the property just like a bank might. The beauty of private money lending is you don’t have to spend lots of time seeking out viable deals; the project is brought to you, along with all the details and lending terms. You could literally get into private money lending as quickly as a few days.

Turnkey Rentals

A proven way of making money in real estate is by being a landlord. But again, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to turn this situation into reality. First, you have to find a suitable property in a good city and in a decent neighborhood. Then you have to crunch the numbers to see if the property could be a profitable investment. Next, you have to negotiate to buy it for the right number in order to turn a profit. You’d then likely have to do some rehab work, find tenants, vet applicants, and so on. And your work hasn’t even started yet. Unless you hire a property manager, you’ll have ongoing work related to the rental. In other words, you’ll have a second job. But life is too short to take time for all of that. The shortcut way to own rental property is simply to buy a turnkey rental property. With this fast way to get started real estate investing, you simply step in as the owner of the property. With a turnkey rental, the tenant may already be placed, or the property is ready for a new tenant. The house is ready to go; the rehab is already completed. Furthermore, when you invest with AREI, you can utilize comprehensive property management services that take care of all the work of owning a rental property. This method offers the passive income model that everyone is seeking in life. Tenants are vetted, contracts are signed and payments are collected by your property management company, in addition to a dozen other services. Your job as the landlord is simply to sit back and count your money. With a turnkey rental investment, you could get in on real estate investment in as little as two weeks.

Vacation Rentals

Another fast way to get started in real estate investing is through vacation rentals. This isn’t those timeshare deals where you don’t really own anything. Vacation rentals through AREI is a method where you get fractional ownership of a desirable vacation property in beautiful Placencia, Belize. Fractional ownership allows you to take advantage of all the tax benefits of owning a property. The vacation properties in Belize are all managed and cared for by a local company. Again, all you have to do is invest a nominal amount and you can start enjoying being a landlord in a very short time. And the added bonus is that you and your family can also enjoy the vacation property for several weeks out of the year. If you want to take your family on vacation for one or more of your fractional ownership weeks allotment, you can do that. You can also rent out the property during one or more of those weeks. This is a fast way of investing in real estate that yields your rental income, plus a beautiful place to vacation when you want to. To see what the vacation rental opportunity is all about, you can sign up for a Discovery Tour.

These are three fast ways to get started in real estate that don’t require a lot of time or energy. All you need is the investment money to get started. Within as little as 30 days or even less, you could be a real estate investor. For more information about any of these options, please contact American Real Estate Investments today.