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Seminar Education

Seminar Education

Our seminars will cover live and pre-recorded webinars on investment opportunities as well as passive income real estate education events across the nation.

Current Investment Opportunities

Current Investment Opportunities are private money lending deals offered through American Real Estate Investments. These webinars and videos offer basic information on the open opportunities to earn passive income on a safe investment with an annual fixed rate of return of up to 12%.

Highlands Corner Office Park – Southlake, TX


Funded Investment Opportunities

Funded Investment Opportunities are PAST private money lending deals offered through American Real Estate Investments that are now closed. These webinars and videos offer insights into the types of passive income opportunities we talk about in our real estate education. Each deal is vetted for risk, asset strength, market viability, and third-party or partner credibility; among others. Browse through these past investment opportunities to learn more about what to look for in a safe investment. Keep an eye out for our current deals and speak to an Investment Coordinator to find out how you can get started.

Colony at Pinehurst Webinar – Houston, TX