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Things to Know About Placencia, Belize

Are you considering investing in Placencia, Belize? It can feel strange investing in a city or country that you know little about. And it always makes sense to do your due diligence before making any investment. For that reason, here is a list of interesting facts about this hidden gem in the Caribbean Sea.

The Belizean Government Supports U.S. Tourism

There are some countries in the world that are not as friendly toward American tourists as you might like. But the government in Belize has made it very easy for Americans to travel, live and invest in Belize. Relations between the U.S. government and the Belizean government are on very friendly terms. According the the United States’ State Department, “The United States is Belize’s principal trading partner and a major source of investment funds.” In essence, your investment dollars are very, very safe in Belize.

English is the Language in Belize

Everyone in Belize speaks and understands English. It’s the native language in Placencia and other parts of Belize. If you decide to travel to Placencia or another part of Belize, you won’t ever have to worry about being misunderstood or hope you can find someone who “comprende Ingles.” This is another reason why it’s so easy to invest in Placencia; everyone from the local labor force all the way up to the licensed professionals understand English just as well as you do.

Placencia is a Top Vacation Destination

Belize has a wide range of tourist attractions. It’s a world heritage site and the location for awesome Mayan ruins. But Placencia in particular is a top vacation destination for tourists from around the globe. Let’s face it. Most people are looking for a beach experience when they go on vacation, at least for part of their trip. This is where Placencia excels. Ideally situated on the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula, this coastal village offers unparalleled views of the sunrise and vast Caribbean Sea views that stretch to the horizon. Each year, well over a million and a half visitors are welcomed to Belize, and about half a million of those are overnight tourists seeking vacation accommodations in and around Placencia.

The Belizean Dollar is Tied to the American Dollar

The exchange rate is favorable to American tourists who travel to Belize and Placencia. The Belizean dollar is tied to the American dollar at a rate of two to one. So one dollar equals two Belizean dollar. U.S. money goes further in Placencia, which is another reason why tourists flock to this Central American country. And since the two currencies are tied, that exchange rate doesn’t vary.

Placencia is Very Small

Only about 2,000 residents call Placencia their home. The tiny village feels a lot like an island, but it is connected to the mainland. However, its small population makes Placencia look and feel like a very small town. Placencia also has that small town experience. Tourists who have visited often comment how easy it is to start seeing familiar faces even have a short time. In short, Placencia is a place where people will learn your face and name and greet you as a neighbor.

Main Street is a Sidewalk

Another interesting fact about Placencia is that its Main Street is in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the narrowest street in the world! In American terms, Main Street in Placencia is just a sidewalk. This is another indicator of just how small and quaint Placencia really is.

There’s Plenty of Beach Space

The Placencia Peninsula boasts 16 long miles of coastline, and all of it consists of beautiful white sand beaches. What this means as an investor is that tourists to this area can enjoy having the beach almost all to themselves. Here, you won’t see the crowded beaches like in Europe or even California. It’s just white sand, blue sky and fresh air.

The Vibe is Casual

Another huge draw for tourists in Placencia is the laid-back vibe of the residents. Tourists from around the world look forward to escaping the hustle and bustle of big cities like Los Angeles and New York. Things move at a slower pace in Placencia and in Belize in general. Work definitely gets done, but the residents work to live, not live to work.

The Government is Sound

Placencia and Belize in general operates as an independent nation with a democratic government. The government is very stable and sound. When you invest in Placencia, you don’t have to worry that there will be a revolt or that the government will be overthrown. Those things simply don’t happen in Belize. While Belize is not a first world country, it does operate very much like the U.S. government in terms of democracy and orderliness.

If you’re intrigued at the idea of investing in Placencia, you owe it to yourself to get more information about investment opportunities here. It’s been said that investing now in Placencia is like being able to invest in Hawaii in the 1950s, and you can see how much properties have increased in value in Hawaii. At American Real Estate Investments, we’d be happy to send you information about our opportunities. Please contact us today.