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Why is Everyone Investing in Belize?

If it seems like you keep hearing Belize on everyone’s lips recently, you’re not imagining things. Belize has become the new buzzword for real estate investors. There’s a lot to like about investing in Belize, including the fact that it is such an exotic locale. Belize is home to Mayan ruins, tropical rainforests, U.N. World Heritage sites and the second largest barrier reef in the world. Not to mention, the Belize government is very amenable to U.S. investors. Here are more reasons why almost everyone is considering investing in Belize.

English is the Native Language

Language is one of the frequently-cited obstacles to investing in overseas real estate. Even though there are profitable real estate investments all over the world, if you only speak English, you’re limited to where you can invest. If you want to invest in a country like France, for instance, you’ll need to hire English and French-speaking professionals like attorneys and property agents. This not only makes the transaction less secure; it also makes it more expensive to conduct business there.

In Belize, English is the native language. Everyone you deal with, from the waiters to the bank manager, will speak your language. Not only that, but it’s not in a dialect that would be hard to understand. There is a slight Belizean accent, but it’s not heavy. Additionally, all your investment paperwork will be in English, so there’s no need to hire a translator.

Belize is a Beach Lover’s Paradise

Belize is situated on the eastern seaboard of Central America, bordering Guatemala and Mexico. In terms of size, the entire country of Belize is just a little smaller than Massachusetts. There are 240 miles of coastline in Belize, making it ideal for beach lovers. The climate in this South American nation is subtropical. The mean annual temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, temperatures may drop to the low 60s, while summer temperatures typically only get up to the mid-90s. Water temperatures year-round average between 79 degrees and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The second largest barrier reef in the world is just 980 feet offshore. There are 450 cayes, or small islands, in the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, and three atolls.

So why do these things entice so many people to invest in Belize? Because where there are beaches, there are vacationers. According to the Belize Tourism Board, the rate of visiting tourists is expanding at unprecedented rates. In March of 2018, there were over 55,000 overnight tourists, an increase of 24.8% over 2017 numbers. Considering that there are only about 360,346 permanent residents, the ratio of tourists to residents is very attractive to investors. After all, all those tourists need accommodation, and what could be better than to stay at a private beach house rental? When you invest in a vacation home in Belize, your rental property occupancy rates are sure to be very agreeable.

Belize Has a Competitive Infrastructure

Although Belize is still technically a third world country, the infrastructure is very amenable to 1st world living. The internet has recently been upgraded throughout the country, and cybercafés are abundant in the major towns and tourist areas. The telephone system is considered above average and cell phone coverage is reliable. In most cases, U.S. cell phones will work in Belize, depending on the carrier. The police force is centered in Belize City and is comprised of several divisions, including a special branch, operations branch, traffic branch, and special patrol units. There are public and private hospitals located near the major towns and tourist areas. Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City has CAT-scan availability, OB-GYN services, and ENT, physiotherapy, orthopedic surgery, and other services.

For vacationers who are seeking the island experience but also want the safety and security of knowing that help is near, the fact that Belize’s infrastructure is sound is a big plus. These are all features that help “sell” Belize as a vacation destination.

Belize is a Short Flight From the U.S.

Finally, one of the major things that makes Belize so very attractive to investors and vacationers is its proximity to the U.S. From Miami, the flight is just a little over two hours in duration. Non-stop flights from Dallas to Belize last just three hours and fifteen minutes. Even flights from Boston to Belize are only six and a half hours. With this kind of accessibility, it’s easy to see why U.S. investors are always talking about and investing in Belize.

Where to Invest in Belize

There are lots of places to invest in Belize. One of the best is Placencia, located at the utmost tip of the Placencia Peninsula, three hours south of Belize City. This charming small town is dotted with island-style homes, perfect for a romantic or family getaway. The Placencia Peninsula is without a doubt Belize’s most popular destination, with views of the Mayan mountains as a backdrop against the white sand beaches.

Another popular investment town in Belize is Corozal, which is located on the Mexican Bay of Chetumal, or Corozal Bay. The green water here is full of nutrients and sea life and is fronted by a green parkway. In general, there’s less rain here, but with the same beautiful subtropical temperatures.

Ambergris Caye is actually a separate island in Belize, measuring 25 miles long and just about a mile wide. The reef is only half a mile offshore, making this a fine choice for investors looking to shore up their portfolio with vacation rentals. Once a tiny fishing village, Ambergris Caye has burgeoned into a top destination for both vacationers and investors, offering nightlife, and a wide choice of stores and dining options.

Are you looking for something exciting to add to your real estate portfolio? If so, Belize could be just what you’re seeking. American Real Estate Investments offers a very informative and enjoyable Discover Belize Tour where you do down on a guided tour to see in person what Belize can offer you. Why not contact us today to learn more about investment opportunities in beautiful Belize?